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Fabric Wristbands

Textiel geweven polsbandjes + nieuwe tang lr Textiel geweven met nummering Polsbandjes in textiel met metalen sluiting, toegangscontrole voor uw evenement, tot 8 kleuren inweving Metal closure Textiel polsbandje Plastic tube closure Printed fabric wristbands - different closure Fabric wristbands - closures Fabric wristbands - printed Closures - printed fabric Printed fabric wristbands Closures - printed fabric Fabric and leather look wristbands

Vibrant Fabric Wristbands have become incredibly popular providing a quality security control system and doubling as an invaluable marketing tool as they are worn as an 'I was there' statement for months after the event.



Besides Woven and Printed Wristbands Orakel also offers  Tyvek Wristbands Unprinted, Tyvek Wristbands Printed,  Vinyl slim unprinted, Vinyl Slim printed, Vinyl wide face unprinted, Vinyl wide face printed, dazzling Plastic Glitter Wristbands and Medical Wristbands. Silicone Bands are also available, prices on request.


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