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Medical Wristbands

Medical wristband 02

Our Vinyl Medical Wristbands with insert and one off use snap fastener minimise transference for security considerations yet also facilitates ease of application. The insert option offers personal information to be displayed through the perspex window if required.

Medical wristbands, available in Adult and baby/toddler sizes, are soft and round edged, hypoallergenic and water resistant.

A wide range of colours facilitates colour coding to be linked with a patient's condition. White, Transparent, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow in adult sizes and for baby/toddler, white, pink and blue.

Special Offer: Baby/toddler Wristbands in various colours - 250 Baby/Toddler medical bands for £5.00 and get another 250 for free excluding carriage and VAT.

As an alternative to our Medical Insert Wristbands, you may prefer our Tyvek or Vinyl Wristbands which are comfortable, waterproof and durable.
Personal details can be written on the surface with an indelible pen. Details of this product can be found under ‘Tyvek Unprinted’ or Vinyl Wide Face


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