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ECO-TOKEN: For the environmentally responsible user

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  • Available in 8 colours
  • Choice of embossing with your text and/or logo
  • An imaginative selection of standard designs available with no set up charges.
  • Different models available: Ø23.3mm – Ø25mm – Ø29mm – Ø35mm – Ø38mm

Orakel believes they have an obligatation to play their part in supporting sustainable entrepreneurship. Amongst Orakel's other green initiatives, we always recycle waste from the Token manufacturing process and now we have taken our responsibilities a stage further by introducing biodegradable ECO-TOKENS!

Our ECO-TOKENS are made from bioplastic, a starch based substance, formally considered ‘waste’ by companies that produce french fries.

Biodegradable Tokens, if left in natural surroundings exposed to a combination of oxygen, rain, sunlight and bacteria, will fully biodegrade back into the soil.

Wherever events are being held in parks, fields or by rivers etc, ECO-TOKENS that have been dropped on the ground will not damage the environment. This feature which gains approval from Local Authorities and land owners!

To fulfil their role, ECO-TOKENS, muted and slightly mottled in colour, are rather more fragile than their more robust cousin, the plastic Token. 


Eco Tokens

Minimum quantity 1000 pieces per design and colour

Price per piece - £ Sterling excluding carriage and VAT

Please note! Since we are working with a recycled material, it's possible that the tokens show an instability in size. 

Quantityø 23.3 mmø 25 mmø 29 mmø 35/38 mm
1,000 0.090 0.090 0.090 0.092
3,000 0.058 0.058 0.058 0.060
6,000 0.041 0.041 0.041 0.048
10,000 0.038 0.038 0.038 0.043
15,000 0.036 0.036 0.036 0.041
25,000 0.033 0.033 0.033 0.040
50,000 0.030 0.030 0.030 0.033
100,000 0,025 0.025 0.025 0.029
200,000 0.022 0.022 0.022 0.024
500,000 0.018 0.018 0.018 0.022

Set up costs

  • Eco-Tokens available in embossed styles only
  • One side: £31.50
  • Same design both sides: £63
  • Different designs on both sides: £94.50
  • Colour change: £13.50
  • Re-ordering: Identical re runs: £18 per design
  • Both sides with standard designs: no set up charges
  • 1 side personalised and 1 side standard design: £31.50

Please provide us with your graphics/text in an Adobe Illustrator Vector File or in a high resolution PDF. 

Please advise any specifics, billing and delivery address (where someone is available monday to friday, 9am - 5.30pm to sign for receipt of goods) etc.

Before we start the manufacturing process, we will send a print proof for you to amend or approve and routinely, an advance payment invoice.

We ask you to check these and approve back to us together with payment. The order is then progressed through to production.

Delivery is approximately 3 weeks after artwork has been approved. For urgent/contract orders please enquire.



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