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Crystal Festival Tokens

Crystal festival tokens Crystal festival tokens1

Our Crystal Festival Tokens are the transparent version of our standard festival tokens. On these tokens, we print your design on one side of the token but it can be seen from both sides.

The transparent Festival Tokens can be printed on a Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue or completely translucent sheet. Each sheet consists of 25 tokens which you can snap off easily. All tokens have a little notch in the middle so you can snap each of them in half if required. To make the sheet durable, the middle Token cannot be snapped in half.

If you choose any of the coloured transparent sheets, we can print your design in either White or Black print. On the completely transparent sheets we can print your artwork in one colour or full colour print.

For more info about prices, printing options and colours, look below.  

Crystal Festival Tokens

Black print

Quantity1 side
30,000 0.015
60,000 0.014


300,000 0.013
600,000 0.012

Set up costs

1 design on 1 side £ 36
Numbering on 1 side (1 number/sheet) £ 0,002 per token


White print

Quantity1 side
30,000 0.017
60,000 0.016


300,000 0.014
600,000 0.013

Set up costs

1 design on 1 side £ 36
Numbering on 1 side (1 number/sheet) £ 0,002 per token


Full colour print (only on transparant)

Quantity1 side
30,000 0.018
60,000 0.017


300,000 0.015
600,000 0.014

Set up costs

1 design on 1 side £ 63
Numbering on 1 side (1 number/sheet) £ 0,002 per token



  • Minimum quantity: 30,000 pieces per design. 
  • Orders only available by mutliple of 3,750 tokens. 
  • Price list in £ Sterling excl. VAT en transport
  • Prices above are per token, not per sheet
  • Standard delivery time: 3 weeks after approval of the design.

Available colours: green, blue, yellow, orange, pink and fully transparent.



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