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Shrinkage problems and organisational chaos can now be a thing of the past! Orakel manufactures their own Tokens which enables us to be both flexible in approach and able to monitor your requirements from enquiry right through to delivery.

Our Plastic Tokens are a reusable alternative to our single use Food and Drink Vouchers and are used as currency at events, as incentives and as a tool for arranging orderly activities.

Tokens can be personalised for added security and brand recognition, impacting logos of companies/clubs/organisations etc, with colours that can be subtle or high volume!

We offer Eco Tokens that are totally biodegradable and all Tokens are in fact considered environmentally friendly as they can be continually recirculated.

Our many styles, finishes, colours and sizes can be matched to both your market profile and project requirements. Our Team will always work closely with you, listening carefully and asking specific questions to ensure we are tuned into achieving the best outcome for you.         

We also manufacture a range of Promo Tokens. These economically priced Tokens represent excellent value for money and can be called from stock to be despatched to you overnight if necessary.

For counting and easy storage, we also offer trays and for visible awareness campaigns, perspex display boxes.


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