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By attaching your card or badge to one of our handy yoyo's, you will never lose your badge again. With the functional nylon cord, you can easily show your card without dropping it.

Yoyo mini with vinyl strap

Minimum quantity: 100 pieces 
Length nylon cord: 80 cm
Diameter yoyo: 32 mm
Equipped with clip on backside
Personalisable (printing area: 19 mm)
Available colours: black, white, silver, blue, red

QuantityPrice per piece
100-199 0.861
200-499 0.818
500-999 0.731
1000-5000 0.656
5000+ 0.623

Yoyo oval with vinyl strap

Minimum quantity: 100 pieces
Length nylon cord: 80 cm
Equipped with carabine hook on top
Available colours: black, white, green, blue, red, yellow, orange

QuantityPrice per piece
100-199 1.972
200-499 1.874
500-999 1.675
1000-5000 1.503
5000+ 1.428


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