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The most comprehensive range of event and organisational products in Europe

As the original pioneer of wristbands in Europe, Orakel is now a leading and respected manufacturer of a wide range of identification products using consistently high grades of material, utilising up to the minute technology for outstanding results.

Orakel can facilitate all your project requirements whether for events, parties or organisational needs ie Wristbands, Tokens, Lanyards, Badges, Drinks Vouchers, Ticketing, Earplugs, Number Bibs and Barrier Tape amongst many other products.

All our products are trusted tools at events in bars, festivals, nightclubs, theme parks, sporting occasions, schools, parties etc and offer high impact marketing opportunities for sponsors.

Orakel's reusable Tokens are a resounding success. They work as a secure currency at events, as an organisational tool and for incentives. Highly versatile, long lasting and extremely visible, Tokens can be personalised and are available in many different styles, sizes and print/colour options.

From Orakel's other sector, a comprehensive range of commercial play products including Play Pool Balls, Gymnics, Cable Ties, Wash Nets, Buoys and Foam Balls are available.


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